The Great Makeover

The demands and the current trends are constantly changing. It is natural that sometimes a little remodeling does not hurt, as the appearance of a website loses its freshness within 2-3 years; it wears out./p>

Now we offer you a free website analysis and present at your disposal a complete package of proposals!

Why is redesign needed?



The trends and the visitors’ current needs are constantly changing. A website loses its freshness within 2-3 years, the appearance wears out. You taste is also changing just as the “web fashion”. It is natural that sometimes websites need a little remodeling and a new, fresh appearance.



In addition to the change of the appearance, the change of internet technologies and standards is very important. Frequently, older standards no longer appear in the new browsers and mobile devices or the appearance is limited. In general, the new devices and browsers no longer support older technologies. It is also possible that during the application of the new standards, the former site can get a more pleasing look.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

The older websites often use such lines of code or technical solutions, which inhibit today’s search engines instead of support. The makeover must improve and modernize this solitions to maintain and/or increase the existing result.


Internet environment

Similar, competing websites often appear with better, more streamlined structure. This can be observed and needs a proper reaction with the makover of the content and the appearance.


The great makeover...

When a website is completed, one should not sit back and wait for the results. You will need to renew from time to time: to modernize the technical architecture of the site, improve search engine optimization of web content, create a nicer and nicer appearance.

Our Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Creating clean, efficient and responsive websites, portals, management systems

Website Analysis

Before the makeover we examine the appearance and technical architecture of your existing website, and we propose the design and technical changes.

We give you not just general information. We consider the visitor experience, the current visitor patterns and aspects of search engine optimization, and create advice specifically for your website.


Website appearance design

If necessary, we prepare your web design plan in harmony with the current trends and expectations.

Before the makeover, we prepare the website design plan to be adjusted to almost any parameter. We place it in a real Internet environment, where you can always see and try the site plan.

Preparation, Set-up

We make the necessary technical changes to the new website and upload it to your server. The whole process takes just a few days; your website will be available and functional during the whole time.





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