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Társasházkezelés egyszerűen - PlainHouse

PlainHouse - Társasházkezelés egyszerűen

We know that the administration may be the most exhausting job in the life of a common representative, so we have established cooperation with several companies to develop our condominium management. The PlainHouse condominium management software simplifies the preparation of the accounts, but the residents can keep track of things in flats and the shared costs of their own.

The design of PlainHouse program was important to meet the demands of the 21st century. You can use our program not only your desktop, but tablet and mobile phones also.

Why You choose PlainHouse program?

  • …because it saves administration time of the condominium
  • …because the PlainHouse program simplifies communication with the flat owners
  • …because the PlainHouse program is completely web-based application that can run on your own server
  • …because the PlainHouse program was developed with the involvement of several condominium’s common representative, it is flexible enough to serve any demand
  • …because we install PlainhHouse according to requirements, You only need to provide some basic datas
  • …because our customer service will help you quickly and efficiently.


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